Time to schedule your field trips at the farm!

Time to schedule your field trips at the farm!

Jennifer McMillanJan 30, '191 comment
We are pre-booking field trips on the farm right now and the calendar is filling up fast for our most popular season: spring!  The weather is usually nice (temperature wise!) and we have alot going on!  We offer field trips for schools and groups of 20 or more, all ages across South Georgia. We take the kids on an educational hay ride (hayless in case of allergies!) through our peanut buying point (we don't touch or actually see peanuts so no allergy worries there!). We take the kids through the peanut mill and show them what happens to the peanuts after the farmers pick them, even talking about how they grow and what happens when we ship them out. They get to see different types of equipment that is used in the peanut industry. Then we move on to our blackberries, blueberries, peaches, plums, and nectarines.  You would think that in South Georgia, the heart of agriculture, that every kid on the field trip would already know everything there is to know about farming but sadly that isn't the case anymore. Because even in South Georgia people of all ages aren't as familiar with agriculture as their ancestors, we take pride in riding them around our farm and educating them about our farm and what we grow. After riding the hay ride, children will have seen that blackberries grow on vines, blueberries on bushes, peaches on trees, etc.  We talk a little about each fruit so that the kids get a broader idea of farming than just picking strawberries.  Of course we do let the children pick strawberries on their strawberry field trip!  We explain how we grow them and then let each child pick their own quart of strawberries.  After the educational sessions are over and everyone has picked their own strawberries we move to the playground.  Our huge recycled/repurposed playground is locally famous in our area. There is something on our playground to please kids of all ages! We have shaded areas for sack lunches and for teachers to take a break while the kids play and then we serve homemade strawberry ice cream and open the store to anyone who wants to buy souvenir.  If you are interested in booking a field trip at our South Georgia farm this year, shoot us a message and we will get you scheduled!

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Chelsea Crosby on Mar 22, '20

We would love to schedule a strawberry picking field trip for 20-24 kids. When would be the best time?

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