U-Pick Blueberries & Blackberries are in! Store is now open to public, 15-20 customers at a time. Playground is still closed.

Blueberry Picking

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U-Pick Prices: $3 Quart, $10 gallon, we provide take home picking containers

We-Pick Prices: $6 Quart, $20 Gallon (plus 4% tax)

We grow several varieties of blueberries on our farm in South Georgia in the hopes that whether you come in Spring or Summer, we will have blueberries for picking!  If the weather cooperates, we can have blueberries as early as April and as late as June.  We have U-Pick blueberries and try to keep already picked blueberries in the country market for those that don't want to pick their own!  We provide take home picking containers for blueberry picking, quarts and gallons available.  If you'd like to call ahead and see what's in season, call the store at (229)533-4314 or the office at (229)533-8585. Or you can email us anytime for a quick answer to any question about our farm or products that you might have.

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