Satsuma Oranges are in! Check out our Satsuma page for more info!

Sastsuma Oranges

Our super sweet, easy to peel Satsuma Oranges usually come in sometime in October and last into December, depending on the weather. We have U-Pick and We-Pick available.

Satsuma Picking

Our U-Pick Satsuma field is open on Saturdays and Sundays. It is at a different location from our store so a lead vehicle will take u-pick groups to the field every hour on the hour. On Saturday, the first group will leave at 10am, the last group at 4:00 pm. On Sunday the first group will leave at 2:00 pm and the last group will leave at 5:00 pm.  U-Pick & We-Pick are $1.00 per lb. The minimum for U-Pick is a $5 bag.

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upick satsumas