2023 Citrus Update

Jennifer McMillanOct 27, '23
This time last year we were picking and selling satsumas in full force. This year is not looking so great. Remember the freeze last Christmas Eve? Keep that in mind as I explain what we think happened. Our citrus trees are not supposed to go into a fully dormant state in the winter like some other plants/trees...they don't lose all their leaves. The freeze last Christmas Eve "shocked" the trees (for lack of a better word) and they lost all of their leaves. Then, when the weather warmed up and they should've been blooming, they spent all their energy repopulating the leaves on the tree instead of making fruit. It effected the Satsumas in particular the most. Luckily we did have some trees that for some reason weren't affected. The weather was then followed up by an incredibly hot, dry summer making matters worse. The trees with fruit didn't have full foliage, and the sides of the trees that faced the sun in the heat of the day got sunburned, causing sections of the orange to dry up. The only U-Pick we will have is Sweet Frost Tangerines. Because we have commercial fields of the other citrus, they will be available already picked in the store. We should have some Lemons, Grapefruit, Satsumas, and Shiranui already picked later down the road. Be sure to check our facebook page for updates!

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