U-Pick Blackberries are over for the season. Stay tuned for Muscadine Grape & Satsuma Orange updates!

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Season 2020 Has Ended. We hope to see you next year!

Strawberry Season: April - May 

Everyone from Georgia can tell you that we never know what kind of winter weather we will wake up with!  It can be 30 degrees one day and 80 the next! Since strawberries are weather dependent, South Georgia's strawberry season can start as early as January or as late as mid-March. We like to pick winter strawberries at our farm in south Georgia so if it looks like we are going to have a mild winter, we try to frost protect to bring our strawberries in early. Although we may not know when the season will start in Georgia, our summers are always predictable so our end date is usually around the end of May or first of June. Located in Enigma, GA (Berrien County), we are only 5 miles from Highway 82, and 12 miles from exit 62 on I-75 in Tifton. Click our directions tab above for turn by turn directions!  During our strawberry season, we host field trips, farm tours, and we also let individuals and families come pick strawberries, enjoy a homemade strawberry ice cream, and let the kids play on our unique re-purposed playground!  

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If you'd like to read some tips for strawberry picking, extending the shelf life of your fresh picked strawberries, or our picking rules, visit our blog!

U-Pick Strawberry farm Georgia   

U-Pick strawberry farm georgia