Sunflower picking tips

Sunflower picking tips

Jennifer McMillanJul 9, '18

Our first year growing U-Pick Sunflowers has been a beautiful and fun learning experience for us!  I thought I should pass along some of the things we learned to those of you who wish to grow your own or would like to come visit us to pick.

  • Bring clippers or get some from the employees in our store. You can't break the flowers off...if you finally do you're probably going to knock some petals off!  They have a very thick stem and it's better to clip them
  • Bring a container in order to put them in water as soon as they're clipped. The quicker they go in water the less likely they will wilt and the longer they will last.
  • To prolong life in a vase, remove all of the leaves except for those at the very top.  You don't want them to take up your blooms water!
  • If you're visiting the farm and picking fruit, playing on the playground, etc do all of that first and pick flowers last to ensure they get in the air conditioning asap to prevent wilting.
  • Change the water in your vase every couple of days.
  • For the best flowers, it's always first come first serve so try to come to the farm as soon as you see us post that the flowers are ready!  The blooms only last about 2 weeks (For the 2018 season we have a staggered planting so we may have them until close to the end of July.) But feel free to call ahead to make sure we still have blooms before planning your visit! (229)533-4314

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