Nectarine Picking

We often confuse Nectarines as a cross between a plum and a peach because of the smooth skin, but a nectarine is actually a type of fuzz-less peach. What's really cool and unique about this fruit is that sometimes fuzzy peaches will appear on a nectarine tree and nectarines can grow on a peach tree!  One our favorite fruits on the farm, I'm pretty sure my nephews think that our nectarines are candy and not fruit! If you've never had a ripe, juicy nectarine then head our way for a yummy treat! Since it is in the Peach family, this crop is very weather dependent so we have good years and not so good years growing Nectarines. They like the warmer weather of late spring, blooming in April and then usually coming in sometime in May and last until 1st of June. Nectarines don't just keep blooming and producing like strawberries do so be sure to call before you come to be sure we are picking nectarines that day!

If you'd like more info about our Nectarines, call us at (229)533-4314 or send us an email!

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