The Farmer's Daughter

2023 Citrus Update

Jennifer McMillanOct 27, '23

This time last year we were picking and selling satsumas in full force. This year is not looking so great. Remember the freeze last Christmas Eve? Keep that in mind as I explain what we think happened. Our citrus trees are not supposed to go into a fully dormant state in...

Southern Grace Listed in top 10 Strawberry Picking Farms in Georgia!

Jennifer McMillanApr 13, '23

Thank you to Blue Ridge Mountain Travel Guide for the recognition and honor of being named in the top 10 strawberry farms in Georgia! Click the link below to read the article!

Strawberry Season 2023

Jennifer McMillanFeb 14, '23

Are you as ready for U-Pick strawberry season as we are? We shouldn't have to wait much longer! We've been picking winter strawberries since January and the amount we pick is slowly increasing so we are hopeful that we may be able to open U-Pick in the next couple of...

Strawberries are in! What's going on with our other crops?

Jennifer McMillanFeb 21, '22

We've been picking the strawberries a couple of times a week since January, to sell out of the store, pre-picked only. But with these couple of weeks of warm weather ahead, we feel confident enough to go ahead and open the field for U-Pick as well! Now for those who...