Blackberry Picking


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Blackberries are in! 

U-Pick Prices are $4 Quart, $8 Kiddie Basket, $14 Gallon Basket.  Already Picked Blackberries are $6 Quart & $20 Gallon.

The perfect blend of sweet and tart, our U-Pick blackberries come in during the hottest part of the summer at our South Georgia farm! Blackberries start coming in sometime in May and usually last until the first couple of weeks of July. We offer U-Pick blackberries as well as already picked blackberries in our country store.  We provide take home picking containers, you can pick by the quart or the gallon. When you get hot from picking blackberries, you can relax in the shade with a frozen lemonade or homemade ice cream and let the kids enjoy our unique re-purposed playground. While we let customers come out and pick blackberries in our U-Pick field, we also grow around 100 acres of commercial blackberries. We were the first commercial blackberry growers in Georgia, picking our first berries for market in 1998, when we decided to open up a section of our farm for you to come pick! Come on out this summer and enjoy picking your own blackberries with your family!

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Blackberries aren't just a summertime favorite for desserts (cobbler!), they are also super healthy and should be a part of your daily diet! Blackberries are high in Vitamins K & C, they are good sources of antioxidants, folate, and dietary fibers that lower cholesterol & prevent colon cancer and heart disease. Blackberries have also been shown to contain healthful substances (phytochemicals) which research shows may slow the aging process, boost your immune system, and protect against chronic disease.  
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Blackberries are virtually fat free and 1 cup of blackberries has only 60 calories. 1 cup of blackberries also contains 50% of your RDA of Vitamin C. The blackberry plant was native to North America, here long before our settlers came over. Native Americans used blackberries and their leaves for medicinal purposes, mostly involving the stomach!
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