Peach Picking

2024 Peaches are over for the season. 

Since our farm is located in South Georgia, our Peach crop is very weather dependent. If we have a very warm winter, then we don't have a good peach crop because the peach trees need a certain amount of chill hours to go through a dormant state. When we have normal temperatures, and make a good amount of fruit, we open our orchards for U-Pick and we have already picked Peaches available in our Country Store. We grow several different varieties that are early, normal, and late bloomers in the hopes of having a longer picking season. Since they all have different chill hour requirements, sometimes one variety has a better/heavier crop than another. Peaches are not like strawberries in that they will not just keep on blooming and producing to make a long season. Once all the peaches are picked the tree is done for the season. All seasons are weather dependant on our farm so be sure to check here, our facebook page, or call ahead to find out what's available!

(For more info on how the weather can effect our fruit, specifically with the 2017 peach crop, be sure to check out our blog post located here:


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