Food Safety Rules

Food Safety Rules for the Farm

When planning your visit to the farm, please read through the following list of rules and regulations that we implement on our farm to protect the health and safety of our customers.
  1. No pets allowed in store, food growing areas, harvest areas, or playground.
  2. Children must remain supervised at all times.
  3. Wash hands before entering field to pick your own fruit.
  4. No food, drinks, chewing gum, or tobacco products allowed in harvest areas.
  5. No glass or brittle plastic allowed in field.
  6. Do not litter.
  7. Do not pick up discarded fruit found on the ground.
  8. Only park in designated areas. Be prepared to walk. There are very few places on our farm where you can drive right up to the fruit you will be picking.
  9. Only pick in designated areas. You will be approved to visit certain areas of our farm, but unless you have specific permission, do not wander to other crops or other areas of our farm.
  10. Always check in at the store before entering any harvest area. No visitors or customers are allowed into U-Pick fields without checking in at the store first.
  11. While on our farm, you agree to abide by all of the food safety regulations that are listed here, told to you in person, and on signage at our farm.
  12. If you see insects, wild animals, etc, that could sting or bite, please respect their space. Report any wild or stray animals to employee.
  13. Remove jewelry before picking. We've had several expensive rings go missing on the farm and once it's lost it's hard to recover!
  14. Wear closed toed shoes for all U-Pick activities.
  15. Do not run in field, jump over rows, or step over rows. We have uneven ground and you could hurt yourself or our plants.
  16. A first aid kit is available at any of the checkouts in the store.