Strawberry Picking Tips & Rules

Strawberry Picking Tips & Rules

Jennifer McMillanApr 18, '181 comment
  1. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes! If you’re coming to pick your own strawberries at our south Georgia farm, you will have to walk to the field and up the rows so be sure to dress comfortably! 
  2. Be prepared to walk to the field (it’s 90 yards). We do not allow customers to drive to the strawberry field in their vehicle. 
  3. We provide take home picking containers.  Fragile fruit like strawberries need to be in a stout container to prevent a lot of rubbing together and bruising. The more you touch or move the berries the more the fragile outside breaks down. 
  4. Strawberries don’t ripen after you pick them so be sure to pick the darkest if you want the sweetest berries!  Our sweet Georgia Grown strawberries need sunlight to continue ripening. Once they are removed from the vine, they will not get any sweeter!
  5. Leave the caps on the strawberries. (That’s the green leaves on the top of the strawberries.) If you remove the leaves and then refrigerate the strawberries will dry out quickly!
  6. Try to pick without the stems...they can poke holes in your other strawberries!
  7. Cant find any? Change rows! Always try picking in a couple different spots before giving up! Or try going halfway down the row before starting. You may be in a spot that several other people have picked in and just need to move over a little to find a better spot!
  8. Always wash your fruit from the grocery store or directly from the farm. Strawberries are never pre-washed so you should always wash before you eat. 
  9. Always refrigerate your strawberries to extend shelf life! 
  10. Don't wash your strawberries until you’re ready to eat them. Every time they’re touched they break down a little more so they’ll last longer if you wait and wash them right before you are ready to eat. 
  11. Pets are not allowed in picking/harvest areas. 
  12. Don’t step or sit on the strawberry beds! When you step on the plastic, you chance ripping the plastic and if you step or sit on the bed you create an indention that makes a puddle when it rains. If there are any strawberries in that area they will ruin bc the water doesn’t run off as it’s designed to. 
  13. Dont pick the “flowers”. Those are the blooms and in 30 days those are berries that are ready to be picked! 

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Kathy on Mar 22, '20

That some good tips.

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