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Home Design Your Own Gift Basket

While we have custom designed gift baskets available for individual and corporate purchase, we realize that some would like to create their own gift based on their recipients needs!  To create your own basket, just follow these directions:

1.  Click below to add a gift basket/wrap to your shopping cart and click the gift message box to include a gift message to your recipient.  If you would like this to arrive on a certain date other than asap then enter that information here as well.
2.  After you've added the basket (shape, size, color will vary depending on what matches your items best), click the shop tab to go back to the collections page.
3.  Browse through our different categories of Georgia Grown jellies, candies, salsa, sauces, and more and add the items that you would like included in your gift.
4.  Be sure that the address for your recipient is correct and includes all information such as apt numbers, correct street names, etc.