Whiffer Sniffer Summer Slice Pink Watermelon Backpack Clip


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Summer Slice is a watermelon scented backpack clip!

  • Watermelon scented clip (Scent lasts at least a year!)
  • Perfectly packaged in a giftable clear container (Perfect for storing and displaying your collection)
  • Ready to clip onto a backpack, lunchbox, bag, and more!
  • Kids love collecting and trading Whiffer Sniffers with their friends!

Summer loves picnics with her friends and family. They gather at their favorite spot underneath the great oak tree. The set-up is elaborate with covered tables, and lots of food and drinks that everyone brings and shares. The desserts are quite amazing, from the blueberry pie to the lemon squares. They gather almost every summer weekend when the weather is nice. Because picnics are always on the schedule, when you’re a watermelon slice.

Recommended for children 3 years and older.
Size(Height): 4.5 in
Surface Washable

Whiffer Sniffers are child safe, they conform to all applicable CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) safety standards.