WeDoKeto Keto Coco Vanilla Brittle


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Get it cracking with our Coconut Brittle. It comes in 2 flavors with Coco Vanilla and Coco Choco Brittle. The brittle is keto, paleo and naturally gluten free. It is crispy and perfectly delicious and there is no sacrifice in texture or flavor even as it is completely guilt free. The brittle comes in a 3oz bag with 3 servings. Each serving has about 28 grams and 100 calories. Due to its very low impact on blood sugar and insulin you will not fall out of keto with our brittle. We use Allulose as our favorite sweetener as it has the lowest impact on blood sugar and insulin and does not disrupt your gut bacteria like other sugars and especially sugar alcohols do. Our brittle has very low 1 gram of net carbs per serving as there is not only no sugar added but no sugar content at all. We achieved that goal by making it completely grain and starch free. Grains and starches are indirect sugars as you only need 15-30 minutes until the body gets down to the sugarload that they contain.
Made in United States of America