Shrinky Dinks Cool Foil Jewelry DIY


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Product Description:

Create your own stylish accessories with this beautiful, foil-transfer jewelry kit! Pick one of the shapes (unicorn, diamond, feather, pineapple, and many more!), transfer the matching foil, bake the shape in the oven, and attach your finished pendant to any of the included bracelets, necklaces, or earrings! This kit includes 20 precut plastic shapes, 20 foil transfers, sponge, 24" chain necklace, 18" ball necklace, 25 jump rings, 50" clear, elastic string, gold and silver beads, 4 earring hooks, and instructions. ~ Emily G

Publisher Description:

Shrinky Dinks Cool Foil Jewelry lets you create shiny, sparkling charms to make pendants, bracelets and earrings! Use a sponge and water to transfer the colorful metallic images onto pre-cut Shrinky Dinks pieces and bake in the oven. The decals shrink with the plastic to create a shiny piece of wearable art. Make a unicorn, pineapple, arrows, feathers, diamonds and more.

Includes 20 Precut Shrinky Dinks Shapes, 20 Foil Transfers, Sponge, Chain Necklace (24in / 60cm), Ball Chain Necklace (18in / 45cm), 25 Jump Rings, Elastic (50in / 127cm), Metallic Beads (0.2oz / 6g), 4 Earring Hooks and Easy Instructions. Recommended for children 5 years of age and older.