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Oliver Farms Green Peanut Oil

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Pressing peanuts was a no brainer for this Pitts, GA farm family. Pitts is located in an area that is known for peanuts. They have peanut statues, peanut festivals, and the one and only President from Georgia was a peanut farmer who grew up near there. Chef Sean Brock said, “The first time I tasted green peanut oil, it was as if I was standing in a field pulling peanuts out of the ground and eating them.” There is no secret to what they do, they take high quality peanuts, remove the oil, filter it, and bottle it. Many of the high end restaurants use our Green Peanut Oil as a finish like Miller Union co owner and Chef Steven Satterfield who helped name our unique oil “Green” for its popping taste. Oliver Farm Green Peanut Oil was the Garden and Gun Made in the South Food Category Winner in 2015 and won a Good Food Award in 2016, and its growing popularity caught the eye of The New York Times in 2016. The fat profile of Oliver Farms Green Peanut Oil is nothing to scoff at either, its slightly higher in Saturated fat and slightly lower in Monounsaturated fat than other oils.

Total Fat (grams) 14
Calories 126
Saturated Fat (grams) 2.68
Monounsaturated Fat (grams) 7.66
Polyunsaturated Fat (grams) 3.65
O/L Ratio 2.05
Vitamin A <1.00
Vitamin E 4.37
Total Tocopherols** (milligrams) 5.42
Total Phytosterols***(milligrams) 48.04
Beta-sitosterol (milligrams) 33.57