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Joe Kem's Mild BBQ Sauce

Joe Kem's Mild BBQ Sauce

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We love everything Georgia Grown and Joe Kem's Mild BBQ Sauce out of Moultrie is great for a dipping sauce or used when grilling!
Give it a try, I think you will agree " Its even good on your finger"
12oz. bottle
Gluten Free

Back in the 70’s, an old family friend made BBQ sauce. It was the best I had ever tasted. So a new friendship developed. I traded the old man the liquor, and he would send the bottle back with his sauce. I guess you could say I was trading “sauce” for “sauce”.
Well, years went by and one day the old man died. I thought my sauce was gone forever. But, lo and behold he had left me his recipe which was a little hot for me. After a few adjustments “Joe Kem’s” was born. So today my sauce is available in several stores. It has been featured in Southern Living Magazine several different times.Give my sauce a try! I think you will agree it is even “good on your finger”!
Thanks, Joe Kem Lacey