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Crayola Slyme 3-Pack

Crayola Slyme 3-Pack

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3 Tubs Of SLYME - 4 Ounce Containers.. Containers Are Air Tight To Make Sure Slime Doesnt Dry Out.. Stress Relief - Perfect For Adults To Help With Concentration, Relieve Stress By Stretching And Pulling The Slime.. Designed For Childred 3 Years And Older.

Slyme - Crayola Ooey Gooey Sparkling Slime - Non Sticky Clean And Stretchy Putty - 3 Pack Of Different Color 4 Ounce Tubs

Crayola's New SLYME tubs are fun for the whole family. Each pack has 3 tubs of different colored slime. Each Tub is 4 ounces. Stretch, squeeze, mold and twist slime as much as you can!