Carpe Diem To Do Planner Pad


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All of our products at Carpe Diem are aimed to be cute, simple and helpful. They are designed to inspire you to live the most organized, beautiful life possible. Our daily planner pads are perfect for super-busy schedules, this beautiful planner is here to help you stay on top of things. Keep your day in order with our organizational day format. From a section to write notes, a to-do list, a morning, afternoon and evening schedule and for when your brain is frazzled after a long day an 'i'll get to that tomorrow' section. (Don't tell anyone but this is my most used section) Featuring 60 tear-off, undated sheets not only will ou daily planners help you structure your day but they also look super cute too! Features: Daily planner pad 60 tear-off sheets Undated Featuring a range of sections from a to-do list, note-taking, morning, afternoon and evening plan and an 'i'll get to that tomorrow' section. Size: 5.8 inches x 8.25 inches