750 ml Non-Alcoholic Blackberry Cider


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Our best selling cider, our blackberry cider is not only a tasty, antioxidant packed juice drink, according to some, it also has medicinal value!  For years we've had pregnant women, chemotherapy patients, and IBS sufferers buy our blackberry ciders and juices by the case to help with nausea and diarrhea.  Native Americans used blackberries for stomach issues and according to our customers, this home remedy is still an effective to combat nausea and diarrhea!  Aside from the medicinal uses, you can add to smoothies, drink over ice, make slushies, or add to lemonade or tea for a delicious twist on southern favorites! Although our ciders are not concentrate and meant to be consumed alone, we've found they make great mixers as well!  Blend in a little ginger ale and try for yourself! Our ciders are not spiced, fermented, or alcoholic. They have been pasteurized. 

Ingredients:  Blackberry Juice from Concentrate, Water, Sugar, Citric Acid