750ml Non-Alcoholic Scuppernong Cider


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Scuppernongs are white grapes, native to South Georgia.  A long standing tradition in many Southern backyards was picking grapes from the grapevines and making homemade muscadine or scuppernong jelly!  Our Muscadine Jelly tastes like a ripe, sweet, grape exploding in your mouth.  A long time favorite, people of all ages love the taste of southern grapes!  Although our ciders are not concentrate and meant to be consumed alone, we've found they make great mixers as well!  Blend in a little ginger ale and try for yourself! Our ciders are not spiced, fermented, or alcoholic. They have been pasteurized. 

Ingredients:  Scuppernong Juice, Water, Sugar, Citric Acid, Erythorbic Acid to promote color retention, Sulfites

65% Juice

25.4 oz