Add Gift Basket, Box, or Gift Wrap


Southern Grace Farms

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Cellophane Wrap with a bow can hold one glass item and/or several candies. It doesn't come with a basket but is wrapped in holiday or gift style.  Only one glass item can be wrapped in this option b/c of shipping.

A gift box can hold up to 3 glass items (no ciders) and multiple candies, nuts

Small Basket:  A small basket can hold only 1 glass item and usually only up to 4 items total. 

Medium basket can hold 3 glass items (jellies, salsa, sauces, etc) and several candies, cookies, or non glass items. 

Large gift baskets can hold a good bit of items. They can hold up to 9 glass items, and almost an unlimited amount of non-glass items b/c we will stack and stick until it all fits! If you are concerned which size basket you need to choose, feel free to email us and tell us which items you're considering and we can help you choose a basket!

This price includes wrap, bow, and gift message.