What's growing on?

Jennifer McMillanAug 31, '17
As many of our local customers know, in addition to our U-Pick farm and country store, we also own and operate a peanut buying point.  Peanut season is usually September, October, and a few late ones in November and December.  This year looks like it could be the biggest crop ever...so we are busy gearing up to handle around 25,000 tons of peanuts or more.  Cleaning, pre-season maintenance, mechanic-ing, and lots of prayer are happening right now on the farm!  BUT, while peanut season is very busy, we also have to prepare for next year's strawberry crop. We plant the strawberries in October and (in a normal year) they are dormant during the cold months, blooming sometime in February, for a crop to start in March. Last week the guys laid off the rows and plastic in preparation for the 2018 strawberry field to be planted in October.  Because it takes all of us to run the peanut buying point, we will close the store during the week and only be open on Saturdays and Sundays.  Check the facebook page for current hours and updates!

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