Recovered Pictures of a past Christmas Fail

Jennifer McMillanDec 7, '17

While we are on the theme of fails on the farm...This gem popped up in my facebook memories today. I was painting a chimney background for our Christmas float for the Enigma Christmas Parade.  The theme was home for the holidays.  My super talented aunt, Julie Jones, who owns Art's Afire taught me how to mix colors and paint flames for some grilling plates I was painting at her paint your own pottery studio in Nashville. So I tried to paint it on a much larger canvas. It was late at night after work and I was doing it last minute as usual and trying to get a coat on to dry so I could finish it the next day.  Well what usually happens when you're tired and hurrying?  A Mess! I knocked over my gallon of paint that had primer mixed in it and this was what it looked like. I could barely scrape it off it was so thick so I actually ended up spreading out all the white with my paintbrush and basically starting over with a white board.  I snapped a pic of the fail and of the finished result.  It actually turned out pretty cute, and hopefully we can use it for some other projects...if we can find it.  


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