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Traditional Scottish Christmas cake

I make them in September/October, and let them mature in a cool dark place for several months; if I think of it, I prick them with a skewer and 'feed' them with a spoonful of rum once or twice. In November, I cover them with a layer of marzipan (roll it out and 'glue' it on with warm, sieved apricot jam), then leave them to dry out for at least 24 hours. (You can leave them for a week if you want to, it won't do them any harm.) Then ice with royal icing (basically icing sugar and egg whites beaten stiff with a bit of glycerine added) and let them dry. You can either make the icing very smooth and stick little figures on top (the icing sets hard and keeps them in place)---in the UK you can buy sets of seasonal figures for this purpose, like raindeer, Christmas trees, Santas etc--- or you can rough up the top and if you like, sprinkle some bright cake decorations on the icing while still wet. (I use decorations that are like little metallic balls of gold, silver and blue.) The icing will become very hard, and will keep the cake fresh for months. (Kathy Love)


These recipes include our favorite fruits and nuts...Why? Because we grow the main ingredients! Please feel free to print out and try these recipes! Email us your own recipe at jennATsoutherngracefarmsDOTcom