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Mayhaw Jelly

Mayhaw Jelly is one of our most popular jellies!  Our Mayhaw Jelly can be bought in a 9oz. jelly jar with our name and logo on it.  Mayhaw Jelly is absolutely delicious when smoothed on warm toast or buttery biscuits, or to sweeten your meat dishes, spoon over roasted pork-YUM!  You can also make a great jelly cake with our Mayhaw Jelly.  Mayhaw Jelly is a must for any southern household so be sure to stock your shelves! All of our items are made with Georgia Grown Items in North Georgia. For recipes using Mayhaw Jelly, go to and search Mayhaw Jelly. Click Here to order Mayhaw Jelly.

About Mayhaws

Mayhaws are native to the soggy swamplands of South Georgia.  Mayhaws grow on trees and are small, round, red, tart fruit (about 1/2 to 3/4 inch in diameter).  Mayhaw trees are very long-lived, as they can produce fruit for more than 50 years!  As Mayhaws have many seeds, the trees have many thorns, and b/c of their small size, it takes many to make Mayhaw Jelly.  Almost everyone that comes into our store looking for Mayhaw Jelly says..."My grandmother used to make Mayhaw Jelly..."  Well now you can buy some for yourself and enjoy the unique taste of Mayhaw Jelly!