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High in Vitamin C!!!
Helps lower cholesterol!!!
Wards off cardiovascular disease!!
Improve Health and help
local economy!!!
May be cancer preventative!!!
Fight aging process - naturally!!!
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As taken from Webster's Dictionary:
  • nu·tra·ceu·ti·cal  (n. 
    A food or naturally occurring food supplement thought to have a beneficial effect on human health.

Nutraceuticals are foods or parts of foods (phytochemicals), that provide medical health benefits -- including prevention and treatment of disease.

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Ounce for ounce, strawberries are found to be higher in Vitamin C than citrus fruits.  Vitamin C helps form collagen, the supportive tissue to keep skin smooth and firm.  Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid which functions as an antioxidant and sponges up free radicals, preventing them from doing harm.
Strawberries for headaches???  Strawberries are high in natural salicylates -- a main ingredient that is found in aspirin!
Strawberries and blackberries are a good source of antioxidants, which help lower cholesterol and ward off cardiovascular disease.  Also, blackberries are one of the few fruits that contain heart protective Vitamin E.
Phytochemicals -- antioxidants, plant estrogens, Vitamin C, etc... are at their peak when berries are fully ripe.  Another reason to buy ripe berries close to home is because it is good for your health and your local economy.  Imported berries are seldom picked at their peak maturity.
Processing berries: freezing, cooking, canning, etc... does not destroy their nutritional and phytochemical properties -- in some cases the value actually increases.
Blackberries have a high concentration of phytoestrogens (or plant estrogens) which scientists believe may possibly prevent breast cancer.
Blackberries and strawberries are high in ellagic acid, which researchers believe may be effective in fighting colon, cervical, breast, and pancreatic cancers.  Ellagic acid is a phenolic acid phytochemical.  It works as a potent anti-carcinogen by binding cancer causing chemicals found in the body and making them inactive.
Blackberries and strawberries contain high levels of antioxidants, which fight the aging process.  Strawberries also contain Vitamin A, essential for healthy hair and skin.
"In recent studies at the University of Helsonki in Finland, scientists measured eight different berries for their phytoestrogen level and concluded that blackberries had the highest level of phytoestrogens followed by strawberries."  (Northland Berry News)
"Scientists at Clemson University in South Carolina are using berry extracts to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.  They have found that berries significantly inhibit cancer cell growth." (Northland Berry News)

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