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Blackberry Juice

Our Blackberry Juice is No-Sugar Added. This bottle is 100% juice, all natural with no additives.  It is a blend of 70% Blackberry Juice 30% Muscadine Juice. This juice is tart and you may want to add your own choice of sweetener to flavor.

The Blackberry Juice tastes similar to a dry wine, tart and sharp in flavor.  It is pasteurized, non-alcoholic, but does resemble a dry wine.

Original Blackberry Juice Batch:  

1- 750 mL Original Blackberry Juice                                    $9.99


3 Pack 750 mL Original Blackberry Juice                            $28.50


6 Pack 750 mL Original Blackberry Juice                            $54.00


12-Pack 750 mL Original Blackberry Juice                          $102.00


(Scroll down to purchase discounted juice, but please read description first!)

We have deeply discounted this batch of blackberry juice because it does not taste like the original batch and you will have to add your own sweetener. The new batch of blackberry juice has no sugar added and the muscadine juice is not as evident so it is very, very tart. You will need to add your own sweetener or cut with another beverage, according to your taste, b/c this juice is straight blackberry with no sugar added and very little natural sugar and you WILL NOT be able to drink it as is. This Blackberry juice can be used for cooking, marinating, adding to smoothies, or with sweetener added. It also makes a great blackberry jelly. We will include a recipe for this!

Shelf life is 2-3 years unopened.


750 mL Bottle *TART Blackberry Juice       $5.99


3-Pack 750 mL *Tart Blackberry Juice         $15.99


6-Pack 750 mL *Tart Blackberry Juice        $31.50


12-Pack 750 mL *Tart Blackberry Juice        $60.00      $45.00


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